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98-430 Florida Wilderness Act of 1983 Sec. 1. WILDERNESS DESIGNATION, (4) Forest Service Florida
  • Motorized/Mechanized Use
  • Motorboats
Wilderness(es): Alexander Springs Wilderness
Text: (4) certain lands in the Ocala National Forest, Florida, which comprise approximately seven thousand seven hundred acres, as generally depicted on a map entitled “Alexander Springs & Billies Bay Wilderness—Proposed”, dated March 1980, and shall be known as the Alexander Springs Wilderness: Provided, however, That the Secretary of Agriculture shall not prohibit existing motorboat use on Alexander Springs Creek;
98-430 Florida Wilderness Act of 1983 Sec. 5. OSCEOLA NATIONAL FOREST, (1-4) Forest Service Florida
  • Commercial Use
  • Mining
  • Permits/Licenses/Leases
Wilderness(es): Alexander Springs Wilderness, Big Gum Swamp Wilderness, Billies Bay Wilderness, Bradwell Bay Wilderness, Juniper Prairie Wilderness, Little Lake George Wilderness, Mud Swamp/New River Wilderness
Text: (1) The Department of the interior shall not issue phosphate leases in the Osceola National Forest, Florida, unless and until the President transmits a recommendation to the Congress that phosphate leasing be permitted in a specified area in the Osceola National Forest. Notice of such transmittal shall be published in the Federal Register. No recommendation of the President under this section may be transmitted to the Congress before ninety days after publication in the Federal Register of notice of his intention to submit such recommendation. (2) FINDINGS.—A recommendation may be transmitted to the Congress under paragraph (1) if the President finds that, based on the information available to him— (i) there is a clear and present national need for the phosphate resulting from a domestic shortage of phosphate reserves, and (ii) such national need outweighs the overall public values of the public lands involved, including the wilderness area designated in section 1(3) of this Act and any adverse environmental impacts which are likely to result from this activity. (3) REPORT.—Together with his recommendation, the President shall submit to the Congress— (i) a report setting forth in detail the relevant factual background and the reasons for his findings and recommendation; (ii) a statement of the conditions and stipulations which would govern the activity; and (iii) in any case in which an environmental impact statement is required under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, a statement which complies with the requirements of section 102(2)(C) of such Act. In the case of any recommendation for which an environmental impact statement is not required under section 102(2)(C) of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, the President may, if he deems it desirable, include such a statement in his transmittal to the Congress. (4) APPROVAL.—Any recommendation under this section shall take effect only upon enactment of a joint resolution of Congress approving such a recommendation.

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