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Wilderness History, Law, Regulation, and Policy

Wilderness Specialists - KSAs needed to interpret and implement the history and laws of the National Wilderness Preservation System, and agency wilderness stewardship regulations and policies. 

Entry Level

Knowledge and understanding of:

  • the Wilderness Act of 1964, other enabling legislation applicable to agency mission
  • the benefits and values of wilderness
  • agency regulation, policy, and guidelines

Full Performance Level

Knowledge and understanding of:

  • the Wilderness Act of 1964 and other significant enabling legislation, i.e. Eastern Wilderness Areas Act, ANILCA, Endangered American Wilderness Act, CO Wild Act, etc.
  • other legislation affecting the National Wilderness Preservation System, ie: American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA), Clean Air Act (CAA), Endangered Species Act (ESA), National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), etc.
  • the evolution of wilderness history, the wilderness concept and the people and events who influenced that evolution
  • agency wilderness regulations,  policies, and guidelines
  • differences in policy between the four wilderness management agencies where applicable
  • key NGOs and their interpretation of wilderness law, regulation, and policy

Ability to:

  • apply the above knowledge to local wilderness issues and projects
  • interpret agency regulation and policy for unit staff
  • provide management recommendations to decision makers

Expert  Level

Knowledge and understanding of:

  • same as Full Performance Level
  • local, Regional and National issues and politics with respect to wilderness
  • court decisions and their implication for interpretation of existing law, regulation, and policy 
  • future trends in wilderness, including an understanding of how changes in society and technology may influence management direction 
  • legislative affairs procedures and processes sufficient to work appropriately with external wilderness proposals

Ability to:

  • develop and interpret wilderness policy and implementation strategies
  • analyze and assess proposed legislation that would affect long-term wilderness management and benefits; facilitate appropriate department and agency interactions with proposed legislation
  • facilitate use of new stewardship methods and techniques
  • develop answers to questions and solutions for issues of law, regulation, and policy raised both internally and externally
  • coordinate with other agencies in the management of wilderness

Skilled in:

  • coordinating with agency attorneys and others to address litigation
  • coordinating with agency attorneys to obtain and implement legal opinions

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