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Natural & Cultural Resources Management & Monitoring

Wilderness Specialists - KSAs needed to manage and monitor natural and cultural resources in wilderness.

Entry Level

Knowledge and understanding of:

  • plant and animal species common to the area
  • species of special concern including threatened and endangered or non-native invasive species
  • the human history and prehistory of the area
  • data collection methods
  • the role that natural processes play in wilderness
  • natural history and ecological principles
  • threats to biophysical resources

Ability to:

  • work with resource management specialists to determine inventory and monitoring needs for all biophysical and cultural resources

Full Performance Level

Knowledge and understanding of:

  • same as Entry Level

Ability to:

  • effectively represent the wilderness resource when working with other resource specialists to reach a common understanding of goals and objectives unique to wilderness
  • coordinate with other resource specialists in determining monitoring needs and developing monitoring plans
  • train personnel in data collection and analysis 
  • assess potential threats to wilderness and recommend actions to reduce or eliminate threats       
  • develop and implement monitoring programs at a variety of scales
  • coordinate, facilitate, monitor, advise, and communicate practices used to preserve and protect the wilderness resource
  • maintain database records

Skilled in:

  • inventory and monitoring natural and cultural resources and impacts where resource specialists are unavailable
  • developing and using wilderness education programs and tools 
  • identifying research and science needs
  • evaluating research and science project proposals
  • compiling, analyzing and using data when making short and long term program recommendations

Expert Level

Knowledge and Understanding of:

  • same as Full Performance Level
  • related sciences and professional disciplines such as ecology, botany, fire management, air quality protection, wildlife and fisheries management, soil science, range management, and cultural resources
  • relevant research literature

Ability to:

  • same as Full Performance Level
  • apply wilderness management principles to decision making processes and integrate them with management principles of other resource programs
  • coordinate inventory and monitoring programs at the regional or larger scales if appropriate within the agency
  • complete analysis, devise new procedures, and provide advice on complex problems using technical information or resource data that is often inconclusive or unclear

Skilled in:

  • applying understanding of law, regulation, and policy to recommend or make  decisions related to natural and cultural resource management  
  • compiling, analyzing and using natural and cultural resource data when making short and long term program recommendations
  • collaboration and coordination with related natural and cultural resource programs for wilderness administration

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