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Connecting federal employees, scientists, educators, and the public with their wilderness heritage
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Please use the form below, or our mailing address and webmaster contact information to contact Read our privacy policy concerning information submitted by visitors.
We're using a GIS-based Google wilderness map to illustrate wilderness areas geographically and we want to hear from you how it's working. How long did it take to load for you? Zoom? Pan? Launch the wilderness information windows? What was difficult about using the map? etc.
We've recently added different options for downloading wilderness boundaries (maps for Google Earth, shapefiles). We want to hear your feedback. What are you using the data for? How easy or difficult was it to use in the format provided? etc.
If you are reporting an error or problem, please describe specifically what you have encountered. Also, please copy and paste the URL where you encountered the error or problem into the message box below. If you are inquiring about a specific wilderness area, please identify the area in the message box below. will add your website to our links library ONLY IF your site/program/organization can demonstrate a strong connection to legislatively designated wilderness in the United States. Please include the URL below and a description of your organization's relationship to wilderness.
Please be specific and detailed.

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