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A large pile of rusty barbed wire and fence posts (removed from the wilderness), with jagged mountains in the background.
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Orientation: Landscape
Photographer/Submitter: Loyd Griswald
Wilderness: Badlands Wilderness
Categories: Traditional tools and skills
Keywords: Fence removal, Fencing
Description: On august 12 – 14, 2008, with the help of two blackhawk helicopter crews from the south dakota army national guard, 106,000 pounds of homesteader fencing was removed from the sage creek portion of the wilderness. over a period of at least fifteen years, eighteen miles of homesteader fence had been taken down and stacked within the wilderness. local volunteers and nps personal used horses pulling stone boats to skid and stack thousands of pounds of barbed wire, steel, and wood posts. the resulting 53 loads of material were then lifted with helibaskets to a location outside the wilderness boundary, sorted, and trucked away. this picture shows one load of material prior to helicopter removal from the wilderness.

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