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Accessibility Policy

Wilderness Connect is committed to making information accessible to all users. Our current website design was launched in 2009 and the following measures were taken to address accessibility. We are currently undergoing a comprehensive website redesign and movement to a Content Management System, which will further support accessibility and viewing on a variety of devices.
  • The site design is mainly controlled by cascading style sheets (CSS), eliminating most tables. Tables are used sparingly, mostly with forms.
  • Although the main navigation tree-menu uses JavaScript, click events, rather than mouseover events, are required to expand and contract the tree items. If you are having accessibility issues with this menu, you can view the site with a static navigation menu instead. This script sets a persistent cookie that tells the site to display the navigation links in a static list, rather than using the JavaScript tree menu.
  • The color palette was chosen using Fujitsu ColorSelector, a free software program that checks for legibility by people with the following types of vision disorders: cataract, protanopia, deuteranopia, and tritanopia.
  • Testing for accessibility was conducted by:
  • The W3C's Markup and CSS Validation Service, which checks the markup validity of Web documents and style sheets.
  • Several online validators checking for browser compatibility, including
  • Several online validators checking for compliance under Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (WCAG1.0), which is an international Web accessibility standard developed under the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).
  • Disabled volunteers from the Forest Service, University of Montana's Disability Services Office, and MonTECH.
  • General agency and public beta testers.
If you are a visitor with special needs, please report them directly to for immediate assistance.

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