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Volume 2: Wilderness Within the Context of Larger Systems

Author Document Title
Volume Abstract
Stephen F. McCool
David N. Cole
Wilderness Within the Context of Larger Social and Biophysical Systems
1. Overviews
John B. Loomis Economic Values of Wilderness Recreation and Passive Use:
What We Think We Know at the Beginning of the 21st Century
Gundars Rudzitis
Rebecca Johnson
The Impact of Wilderness and Other Wildlands on Local Economies and Regional Development Trends
Peter S. White
Jonathan Harrod
Joan L. Walker
Anke Jentsch
Disturbance, Scale, and Boundary in Wilderness Management
2. Wilderness Meanings and Debates
Chad P. Dawson
Ed Zahniser
The Influence of the Adirondacks on the Wilderness Preservation Contributions of Robert Marshall and Howard Zahniser
Karen M. Fox Navigating Confluences: Revisiting the Meaning of “Wilderness Experience”
Paul A. Gray
Robert J. Davidson
An Ecosystem Approach to Management: A Context for Wilderness Protection
Dayle C. Hardy-Short
C. Brant Short
Science, Economics, and Rhetoric:
Environmental Advocacy and the Wolf Reintroduction Debate, 1987-1999
Roger W. Kaye The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge:
An Exploration of the Meanings Embodied in America’s Last Great Wilderness
Thomas A. More
James R. Averill
Thomas H. Stevens
How Valid are Future Generations’ Arguments for Preserving Wilderness?
3. Wilderness Within Larger Ecosystems
Gregory Aplet
Janice Thomson
Mark Wilbert
Indicators of Wildness:
Using Attributes of the Land to Assess the Context of Wilderness
Mike Bader Wilderness-Based Ecosystem Protection in the Northern Rocky Mountains of the United States
Robert J. Davidson
Paul A. Gray
Sheila Boyd
George S. Cordiner
State-of-the-Wilderness Reporting in Ontario: Models, Tools and Techniques
Steffen Fritz
Steve Carver
Linda See
New GIS Approaches to Wild Land Mapping in Europe
J. C. Haney
M. Wilbert
C. De Grood
D. S. Lee
J. Thomson
Gauging the Ecological Capacity of Southern Appalachian Reserves:
Does Wilderness Matter?
Nathaniel P. Hitt
Christopher A. Frissell
An Evaluation of Wilderness and Aquatic Biointegrity in Western Montana
Laskar Muqsudur Rahman The Sundarbans: A Unique Wilderness of the World
Vinod Sasidharan Climatic Change and Wildland Recreation:
Examining the Changing Patterns of Wilderness Recreation in Response to the Effects of Global Climate Change and the El Nino Phenomenon
Janice L. Thomson
Dawn A. Hartley
Gregory H. Aplet
Peter A. Morton
Assessing Interconnections Between Wilderness and Adjacent Lands: The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah
4. Social, Economic, and Policy Issues
Carolyn Alkire Funding Strategies for Wilderness Management
Craig W. Allin The Triumph of Politics Over Wilderness Science
Ralf Buckley Tourism and Wilderness: Dancing With the Messy Monster
Ralf Buckley Wilderness in Australia: What’s Happening in a World Context
Brian Czech Economic Growth, Ecological Economics, and Wilderness Preservation
J. Mark Fly
Robert Emmet Jones
H. Ken Cordell
Knowledge of and Attitudes Toward Wilderness in the Southern Appalachian Ecoregion
Ville Hallikainen The Finnish “Social Wilderness”
J. E. S. Higham
G. W. Kearsley
A. D. Kliskey
Wilderness Perception Scaling in New Zealand:
An Analysis of Wilderness Perceptions Held by Users, Non-users and International Visitors
David M. Johns Biological Science in Conservation
Paul A. Lorah Population Growth, Economic Security, and Cultural Change in Wilderness Counties
Pete Morton Wildland Economics: Theory and Practice
M. A. Nie A Political Cultural Map to Future Wilderness, Monument and Park Designation
Spencer Phillips Windfalls for Wilderness: Land Protection and Land Value in the Green Mountains
Brijesh Thapa The Relationship Between Debt-for-Nature Swaps and Protected Area Tourism:
A Plausible Strategy for Developing Countries
Bryan K. Walton Southern by the Grace of God: Wilderness Framing in the Heart of Dixie
5. Dialogue Session Summaries
Douglas W. Hodgins
Jeffrey E. Green
Gail Harrison
Jillian Roulet
From Confrontation to Conservation: The Banff National Park Experience
Dan McDonald
Tom McDonald
Leo McAvoy
Tribal Wilderness Research Needs and Issues in the United States and Canada
R. McGreggor Cawley Wilderness, Natural Areas, and Ecological Reserves: Thoughts on the Politics of the Big Outside
Laurie Yung Meaningful Community Involvement in Protected Area Issues: A Dialogue Session

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