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Rainbow Mountain Wilderness

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Recreational Opportunities

The Rainbow Mountain Wilderness provides a unique and beautiful backdrop for hiking, horseback riding, wildlife viewing, and camping. Bring a field guide to discover one of Rainbow Mountain’s endemic plant communities found nowhere else on earth, or enjoy a trip back in time, pondering the meaning of the many petroglyphs and pictographs telling stories of the area’s earlier inhabitants.

Rock climbing, canyoneering, and scrambling do not require a permit (e.g., to use removable or existing fixed protection). However, other permits for use of the area (e.g., new permanent fixed anchor routes, overnight bivouac camping, late exit parking) may be required where applicable. Seasonal or permanent route closures may occur in order to protect resource values. Please contact the BLM or USFS for additional information.

Hunting and trapping is permissible in the wilderness in accordance with state and federal regulations. Participants must be in possession of a valid state hunting or trapping license and tag. Specific area closures may be in effect. Please contact the BLM or USFS for more information. If hiking in the backcountry during hunting season, please dress in brightly colored clothing so that you are visible to hunters.

Safety and Current Conditions

Always use caution when climbing the sandstone and limestone formations within Rainbow Mountain Wilderness. The sandstone, in particular, is very brittle and can easily break off – especially after a desert rain – therefore climbing when the rock is still wet is not advised.

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