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Climate Change Toolbox

This toolbox provides information about climate change and wilderness. It includes management guidelines and strategies, a glossary, and other resources you may find useful. In addition to the resources provided here, you may also be able to obtain advice and recommendations through discussion on Wilderness Connect. Date of last update: 12/27/12.
  1. Effects of Climate Change on Wilderness and Protected Areas
    1. Overview
    2. Climate Change and Species Conservation
    3. Climate Change and Ecosystem Management
    4. Climate Change, Fire and Ecosystems in the U.S.
    5. Climate Change and Invasive Species
    6. Climate Change and Water
    7. Annotated Bibliography
  2. Management Guidelines and Strategies
    1. North American Intergovernmental Committee on Cooperation for Wilderness and Protected Area Conservation: Climate Change Brochure
    2. Federal Agency Strategies
    3. DOI
      1. Secretarial Order #3289
      2. Interior's Plan for a Coordinated, Science-Based Response to Climate Change Impacts on Our Land, Water, and Wildlife Resources
    4. BLM
      1. 2015 Strategic Plan
    5. FS
      1. Strategic Framework for Responding to Climate Change, v. 1.0
      2. Climate Change and Wilderness Briefing Paper - short
      3. Climate Change and Wilderness Briefing Paper - long
      4. Global Climate Change Research Strategy
      5. National Roadmap for Responding to Climate Change
      6. A Performance Scorecard for Implementing the FS Climate Change Strategy
      7. Wilderness and Climate Change - A Vital Connection
    6. FWS
      1. Climate Change Sharepoint Site
      2. Climate Change Strategic Plan Overview
      3. Climate Change Strategic Plan
      4. Climate Change Strategic Plan FAQs
      5. Regions 2 and 8 Workshop Report: Putting Knowledge into Action
      6. Region 7 Workshop Report: Wildlife Response to Environmental Arctic Change
    7. NPS
      1. Climate Change Program Brief: Law and Policy Working Group
      2. Jon Jarvis Congressional Committee Briefing: Impacts of Climate Change on America's National Parks
      3. Climate Change Action Plan 2012-2014
      4. Climate Change Response Strategy
  3. Glossary
  4. Resources, Publications, Whitepapers
    1. Selected Non-Technical Resources on Climate Change and Wilderness
      1. Websites
        1. Interagency Wilderness Policy Dialogue on Wilderness and Climate Change, August 2009
          A series of presentations given by scientists and managers about how climate change will affect wilderness.
        2. Fish and Wildlife Service Climate Change website
        3. Forest Service Climate Change Resource Center
        4. National Park Service Climate Change Response Program
        5. USGS Office of Global Change website
        6. USGS National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center
        7. U.S. Global Change Research Program
        8. U.S. Government Accountability Office. 2007. Climate change: agencies should develop guidance for addressing the effects on Federal land and water resources. GAO-07-863
      2. Scientific Publications
        1. Baron, J.S., L. Gunderson, C.D. Allen, E. Fleishman, D. McKenzie, L.A. Meyerson, J. Oropeza, and N. Stephenson. 2009. Options for national parks and reserves for adapting to climate change. Environmental Management 44:1033-1042.
        2. Baron et. al. Some Guidelines for Helping Natural Resources Adapt to Climate Change
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    2. White Papers
      1. Implications of Climate Change for Wilderness Policy
      2. Climate Change Research in Wilderness
      3. Common Ecological Myths about Wilderness