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40th Anniversary Event Details

Murie Center Symposium

What: This summer, The Murie Center is celebrating 40 years of wilderness andthe life of Mardy Murie in a symposium on the historic Murie Ranch titled "Sustaining the Wild Heart - A Call to Mindful Action." With the passing of Mardy Murie on October 19, 2003 at 101 years of age, we will also focus on celebrating her life as an interweavng aspect of the Symposium events. This event begins with a formal opening by an Alaskan elder. A theme of passing the torch generation to generation synthesises all of the events - Mardy and Olaus Muries’ lives were steeped in mentorship roles - as were the efforts to create the Wilderness Acts. There will be panel discussions on Saturday and Sunday mornings followed by a series of group councils and workshops in the afternoons. The "elder’s" panel will be made up of Dr. Marc Bekoff, Gary Ferguson, Douglas Smith, Gloria Flora, Ellen Meloy and Dr. Lisi Kral - and the younger panel will be made up of mentees of these "elders". There will be a Wilderness Rendezvous on Saturday evening in the town of Jackson and a dance and keynote on Sunday night at Jackson Lake Lodge to celebrate Mardy Murie’s life. The closing ceremony will be with a group from the Wind River Reservation called The Young Warriors. The fee for the Symposium is $225 per person. Scholarships available.
When: August 13-16, 2004
Where: Murie Center, Moose, WY
Contact: FOR MORE INFO OR TO REGISTER: CALL: 307 739-2246 EMAIL: or visit the Murie Center website to register online.

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