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Wilderness Areas Affected by Public Law 111-11 3/30/2009 - Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009

This public law also designated potential wilderness acreage that will be added to the National Wilderness Preservation System when the following conditions have been met: John Krebs Wilderness addition (130 acres), Joshua Tree Wilderness addition (43,300 acres) will be added when non-conforming uses stop and inholdings have been acquired; Kimberling Creek Wilderness addition (349 acres) will be added when 1) non-conforming uses stop or 2) five years time passes; Oregon Badlands Wilderness addition (25 foot road corridor); Roaring River Wilderness addition (900 acres) will be added when non-conforming uses stop; Izembek Wilderness addition (34093 acres) will be added after the Alaska state legislature approves the land exchange for a single-lane gravel road between the communities of King Cove and Cold Bay (progress update: The state of Alaska presented a bill in April 2008 to the state legislature for the proposed land trade.  The bill passed the state house but did not pass the state senate.  The state senate will likely not visit the proposed bill until their session in January 2010.  After the legislature approves the land exchange an EIS will have to be developed before the land exchange and road are to begin.).

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Total Number of Wilderness Area(s): 80
Total Acreage Legislated: 2,095,051
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 (in acres)
Agua Tibia Wilderness 2,053 Public law acreage includes FS and BLM acreage. 72
Ansel Adams Wilderness 528 64
Badger Creek Wilderness 4,140 18
Beartrap Canyon Wilderness 40 86
Beauty Mountain Wilderness 15,621 72-73
Beaver Basin Wilderness 11,740 52-54
Big Draft Wilderness 5,144 10
Big Jacks Creek Wilderness 52,826 42
Blackridge Wilderness 13,015 86
Bruneau-Jarbidge Rivers Wilderness 89,996 42-43
* Legislated acreages are acreages specified in public laws. These values may not match current reported values.
** For some areas, notes are provided explaining more about the purpose of the legislation.
*** Where available, page numbers are provided. Values refer to the PDF page number.

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