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Sharman, Lewis C.; Landres, Peter; and Boudreau, Susan. 2007. Developing a Framework for Evaluating Proposals for Research in Wilderness: Science to Protect and Learn from Parks. Alaska Park Science: Crossing Boundaries in a Changing Environment 6(2):100-103.
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     In designated park wilderness, the requirements for scientific research often conflict with requirements designed to protect wilderness resources and values. Managers who wish to realize the benefits of scientific research must have a process by which to evaluate those benefits as well as their associated wilderness impacts. Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, in collaboration with the Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute and several non-NPS researchers, has drafted a decision process that balances potential impacts to wilderness with potential benefits to wilderness, the park, and science. The park works closely with researchers to minimize wilderness impacts to the greatest possible extent while maximizing potential benefits. This process is applied equally and consistently to all scientists (internal and external), is communicated clearly, and is a means to ensure that permitted research minimally impacts wilderness while providing information that ultimately protects it.