David N. Cole Wilderness Science in a Time of Change: A Conference 1

Stephen F. McCool
David J. Parsons
Perry J. Brown

Peter M. Vitousek Global Change and Wilderness Science 5

John D. Aber
Christine L. Goodale
Gregory H. Aplet

George H. Stankey Future Trends in Society and Technology: Implications for

Wilderness Research and Management 10

J. Baird Callicott Contemporary Criticisms of the Received Wilderness Idea 24

Dave Foreman The Real Wilderness Idea 32

Jill M. Belsky Changing Human Relationships With Nature: Making and

Remaking Wilderness Science 39

Daniel B. Botkin Wilderness Science: An Oxymoron? 48

Reed F. Noss Wilderness Biology and Conservation: Future Directions 52

Daniel L. Dustin Mapping the Geography of Hope 55

David N. Cole Wilderness Management Dilemmas: Fertile Ground for Wilderness

William E. Hammitt Management Research 58