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Soil and Water Resources Toolbox

The Soil and Water Resources Toolbox is a 'work in progress' and represents only the information available. In addition to the resources provided here, you may also be able to obtain advice and recommendations through discussion on Wilderness Connect. Date of last update: 5/30/17.
  1. Introduction
    1. Basis in the Wilderness Act and meaning of law
    2. Other Laws
      1. Clean Water Act and Executive Orders
      2. Subsequent Wilderness Legislation
    3. Agency Policy
      1. BLM
      2. FWS
      3. FS
        1. Policy and Plan Revision Language Examples
        2. 10-Year Wilderness Stewardship Challenge Element 8
      4. NPS
    4. Case Law
  2. Management Guidelines, Processes and Templates
    1. Multi-agency
      1. Threats to Soil and Water Resources in Wilderness
      2. Strategies and Techniques to Mitigate Threats
      3. Natural Resources Conservation Services Soils Website
      4. Wilderness Resource Stewardship Model for Soil and Water
    2. BLM
      1. Division of Resource Services: Soil and Water Resources
      2. BLM BAER Handbook
    3. FWS
      1. NWRS Biological Intranet Website/Water Resources
      2. NWRS Biological Intranet Website/Habitat Management
      3. NWRS Biological Intranet Website/Environmental Health
      4. Strategic Habitat Conservation Intranet Website
      5. Literature Search Website
      6. Water Resource Coordinators
    4. FS
      1. Guiding Principles for Water Resources
      2. Regional Soil and Water Conservation Practices Handbooks
      3. Soil Resource Management Program
      4. Watershed Resource Management Program
    5. NPS
      1. Soil Resources
      2. Water Resources
  3. Monitoring Resources
    1. Multi-agency
      1. "Applying the Concept of Wilderness Character to National Forest Planning, Monitoring and Management" RMRS-GTR-217
      2. "Keeping It Wild: An Interagency Strategy to Monitor Trends in Wilderness Character Across the National Wilderness Preservation System." RMRS-GTR-212
      3. Table of Indicators and Measures for the Interagency Strategy
      4. "Monitoring Wilderness Stream Ecosystems." Rocky Mountain Research Station RMRS-GTR-70
      5. USGS National Water Information System Website
      6. Natural Resources Monitoring Partnership Website
      7. USGS National Water Quality Assessment Data Warehouse
    2. FWS
      1. Guidance for Habitat Monitoring on National Wildlife Refuges
      2. National and Regional Inventory & Monitoring Program Website
  4. Research and Other Publications
    1. Fire and Soil
      1. DeLuca, Thomas H.; Sala Anna. 2006. Frequent fire alters nitrogen transformations in ponderosa pine stands of the inland Northwest. Ecology 87(10): 2511-2522.
    2. Rivers and Lakes
      1. Cole, David N. 2000. Managing campsite impacts on wild rivers. Are there lessons for wilderness managers? International Journal of Wilderness 6(3): 12-16.