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Available Toolboxes

A toolbox is a compilation of resources on current issues in wilderness management.

Fireworks in back of a banner
50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act

Clear sky above a grassland.
Air Quality

A packstring.
Commercial Services

Agency personnel use shovels and hoes to restore a damanged campsite.
Ecological Intervention and Site Restoration

Firefighters monitor a wildland fire.
Fire Management

A man sits on a log using a GPS unit.
GPS Recreational Activities (Geocaching)

A cabin sits near the edge of the water.
Inholdings and Rights of Way

Men maintaining and oil rig.

People measuring transects and recording data.
Monitoring Plan

An unpolluted night sky.
Night Sky

Petrified logs.

Two Forest Service kayak rangers in Alaska smiling at the camera.
Ranger (Wilderness)

Archeologists examine pottery fragments.
Research and Scientific Activities

A hiker climbs down a narrow slot canyon.

A trailhead billboard.
Signs and Posters

Wolf howling.

A man saws a log with a crosscut saw.
Traditional Tools and Skills

A couple rests at the top of a ridge overlooking a lake.
Visitor Use Management

A view looking up the trunk of a large tree.
Wilderness Character
A man in a wheelchair photographs flowers.
Accessibility (Wilderness Visitor)

Clouds over a dark horizon.
Climate Change

Human hand next to a hand pictograph on rock.
Cultural Resources

A grizzly bear sits in a river eating a fish.
Fish and Wildlife Resources

The signing of the Wilderness Act.
Fundamentals (Wilderness)

Sheep graze in a meadow.

Students examining samples found in a tidepool.
Interpretation and Education

A sound monitoring site.
Miscellaneous Special Provisions

Vehicle tracks left in the desert sand.
Motor Vehicle and Mountain Bike Trespass

A man picks non-native plants.
Non-native Invasive Plants

A group of people sit around a table examining maps and documents.
Planning (Wilderness Management)

A young girl stands in front of a tent.
Recreation Site Monitoring

Bright pink/purple flowers bloom on the desert sand.
Resource Protection

A rescuer rappells down a cravass with a rescue sled.
Search and Rescue

A waterfall cascades down over green moss.
Soil and Water Resources

A native American woman picks leaves.
State/Tribal Wilderness

A view looking down a trail.
Trail Impact Monitoring

Volunteers with shovels help agency personnel dig.
Volunteers and Partners

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