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Fish and Wildlife Resources Toolbox

The Fish and Wildlife Resources Toolbox is a 'work in progress' and represents only the information available. In addition to the resources provided here, you may also be able to obtain advice and recommendations through discussion on Wilderness Connect. Date of last update: 5/30/17.
  1. Introduction
    1. Basis in the Wilderness Act and meaning of law
      1. Wilderness Act Provisions
      2. The Wilderness Act and Wildlife Management
      3. Wildlife Management Direction from Congress in House Report 101-405b
    2. Agency Policy
      1. BLM
      2. FWS
      3. FS
      4. NPS
      5. IAFWA/AFWA
        1. BLM and FS IAFWA 1986
          1. Policies and Guidelines
          2. Areas managed with reference to 1986 version
        2. BLM and FS IAFWA Reaffirmation - 2002
        3. FS AFWA 2006
          1. Policies and Guidelines
          2. AFWA Minimum Requirement Decision Process Outline
          3. Frequently Asked Questions
          4. Worksheet - Evaluating Project Effects on Wilderness Character
        4. BLM and FS AFWA Policies Comparison Table
        5. Biologists Perspective
    3. Case Law
  • Management Guidelines, Processes and Templates
    1. Multi-agency
      1. Stewardship Principles and 4 Cornerstones
      2. Minimum Requirements Analysis
      3. Wilderness Resource Stewardship Model for Fish and Wildlife
    2. FWS
      1. Strategic Habitat Conservation Intranet Website
      2. Literature Search Website
      3. Fisheries and Habitat Conservation
      4. Migratory Birds Needs Intranet Website
      5. NWRS Wildlife Management Intranet Website
      6. Endangered Species Intranet Website
      7. NWRS Habitat Management Intranet Website
    3. FS
      1. Fish Barriers in Wilderness Discussion Paper
  • Examples of Plans, Analysis, MOUs, and Agreements
    1. BLM
      1. BLM - NV MoU 2003
    2. FWS
      1. San Juan Islands NWR Issues Statement
      2. Oregon Islands NWR CCP Work Plan
      3. Writing Wildlife Goals and Objectives
    3. FS
      1. Plans and Analysis Tools
      2. Wilderness Stewardship Performance: Guidance for Developing an Indigenous Fish and Wildlife Management Strategy
      3. Gila and Aldo Leopold Wildernesses Indigenous Fish and Wildlife Management Strategy
      4. MOUs/Agreements
        1. APHIS MoU
        2. Cooperative Agreement - Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks
        3. MOU between the California Department of Fish and Game and the Forest Service
        4. MOU between the Wyoming Fish and Game Commission and the Forest Service
        5. Cooperative MOUs between State Fish and Wildlife Agencies and the Forest Service Region 6
    4. States
  • Monitoring Resources
    1. Multi-agency
      1. Keeping It Wild 2: An Updated Interagency Strategy to Monitor Trends in Wilderness Character Across the National Wilderness Preservation System
    2. FWS
      1. Biological Monitoring Team Website
      2. NWRS Wildlife Inventory Intranet Website
  • Resources and Other Publications
    1. Research
      1. Pacific Southwest Research Science Perspectives
      2. Wilderness Stewardship Reference System (WSRS)
        1. Fish Habitat
        2. Fish Stocking
        3. Wildlife Habitat
        4. Wildlife
        5. Corn, Paul Stephen 2001. Fish stocking impacts to mountain lake ecosystems: the introduction of nonnative fish into wilderness lakes: good intentions, conflicting mandates, and unintended consequences Ecosystems 4(4): 275-278
        6. Kammer, Sean. 2013. Coming to Terms With Wilderness: The Wilderness Act and the Problem of Wildlife Restoration. Environmental Law Review, 43(83): 83-124
        7. Krausman, Paul R.; Czech, Brian. 2000. Wildlife management activities in wilderness areas in the southwestern United States. Wildlife Society Bulletin. 28(3): 550-557
        8. Landres, Peter; Meyer, Shannon; Matthews, Sue 2001. The Wilderness Act and fish stocking: an overview of legislation, judicial interpretation, and agency implementation Ecosystems 4(4): 287-295
      3. Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute
        1. Publications Search
        2. Project Search
    2. Training
      1. Leopold Fish Stocking Workshop Overview - 1998
      2. The Wilderness Act and Wildlife Management in Wilderness, Carlson (26.1 MB)
      3. Managing Fish and Wildlife in Wilderness, Landres (3.9 MB)
        1. Presentation Notes
      4. Wilderness in the Courts Webinar Series, Session 4: Wildlife Management
        This webinar was held on August 28, 2013 at 12:30 PM Eastern time. The 90-minute session featured Peter Appel, the Alex W. Smith Professor of Law at the University of Georgia Law School, and introduced participants to the topic through case studies analyzing fish and wildlife management.
        1. Recording
        2. PowerPoint
        3. Q & A
      5. Managing Fish and Wildlife in Wilderness Case Studies Webinar
        This webinar was held on February 26, 2014. The 90-minute session included case studies presented by Dan Tyers, Forest Service Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center; Sara Aicher, Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge; and Barbara Miranda Bruno, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.
        1. Recording
        2. Presentation, Tyers
        3. Presentation, Aichers
        4. Presentation, Bruno
        5. Handouts
          1. Red-cockaded Woodpecker Monitoring MRDG
          2. Fuel Maintenance Around Red-cockaded Woodpecker Trees MRDG
          3. Prescribed Burning MRDG
          4. Helispot Maintenance MRDG
          5. Bartlett River DIDSON Sonar Installation MRDG
          6. Bartlett River DIDSON Sonar Installation EA
      6. Sample Agendas
        1. Interagency Coordination Meeting - Boise, ID, 2004
    3. References
    4. Miscellaneous
      1. Salmon Stocking Barred Article
      2. AK Salmon Stocking Ruling